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Dr. Angela Gala Gonzalez

Medical Doctor for 30+ years

CEO at Dr. Gala Health Coaching LLC, Menopause Expert Group Brand Licensee

Master Transformational Coach

PQ & Positive Psychology Coach

Member of the North American Menopause Society

Trusted Public Health Ambassador

Stop sabotaging your natural life transformation with negativity and despair.  Regain your confidence, power, and worth!

Secret #1: Menopause Secrets You Need to Know To Stay In Control

Secret #2: How Your Body Can Reveal the Key to Regaining your Energy and Vitality

Secret #3: A Simple Roadmap to Skyrocket the Next Chapter of Your Life

September 30, 2022

1:30 PM to 3:00 PM CST

Dr. Gala's experience, education, and positive motivational touch have truly transformed my mind and body!

"I am so thankful that Dr. Gala came into my life as a health coach; she is amazing! Dr. Gala's experience, education, and positive motivational touch have truly transformed

my mind and body! I would highly

recommend her if you are

looking for a health coach;

you will be happy you chose Dr. Gala!"

Portia Harper-McClure

She is phenomenal, she is really good at listening to you!

"The time I spent with my coach Angela was truly introspective, productive, and well worth the investment of time and effort!"

 Lollie G Ramirez

A brilliant and dedicated professional!

"Once, prior to her moving to Houston, when I was in need of a rare medicine for an uncomfortable skin disease, Angela not only located it but drove a long distance to deliver it to me and did not want any payment, which I insisted she accept. She followed up with phone calls in her concern for my wellbeing, and we have continued to keep in touch."

Aisha Griffin

Hot flashes, Irregular and Painful periods, Lack of Focus, Losing Control of Your Emotions... and more?

What if there was a way to make everything easier and guarantee that you could thrive to your next chapter while also helping you regain a sense of control over your body, and peace of mind over for your long term health? You'll walk away from this Webinar with surprisingly powerful, yet simple tricks that anyone can learn that will double your energy and vitality during menopause transition.

A lot of valuable and exciting stuff are prepared – just for YOU!

Whether you're just getting ready or have been in perimenopause several years, you'll get at least 3 big insights and practical actions you can use immediately to be more in control of your body, your physical and mental health, and have a greater sense of fulfillment in your midlife years and beyond.

  • What: Live training where you'll unwrap secrets to a smoother menopause transition!

  • Where: Virtual Webinar via Zoom where you can watch it anywhere... in your convenience!

  • How: Hit "REGISTER" to save your spot before they're filled up!


Experience the difference.